Monday, December 19, 2005

La Academia

Does anyone here furiously commenting on my blog watch La Academia? For those of you not in the know, La Academia is a TV show shown on Azteca America, a Spanish-language television station. It is basically the Mexican version of American Idol. Auditions are held in various places and several people are chosen to compete in weekly shows showcasing their singing and performing abilities. Then they are voted off one by one by the public.

One major difference with American Idol though is that on this show the contestants are actual students. When they are picked they get to live in a school with several instructors who show them vocal techniques, body language, acting abilities, etc., in order to enhance their talents. Also, every weekday, the audience gets to watch them at school learning and interacting with each other. (Plus, I saw a commercial the other day advertising a satellite station which shows them 24 hours a day!) Because of this school situation I think the contestants end up being better singers than those on American Idol.

I tried watching American Idol when it came out and I did enjoy the auditions with all the bad singers. After that though, the only reason to watch the show is Simon Cowell. Overall I think the show sucks. But that is not the case for La Academia. For one thing, the judges are much better. There are four judges and for the most part, although not always the case, they have better credentials. They are not only from the music business but they give more thorough critiques as opposed to the Beavis and Butt-head type of criticism given on American Idol. And also, but again not always the case, the judges tend to be harsher. They have no qualms getting a performer to cry (which is lovely to see).

So far there have been five concerts with four contestants being booted off: Fatimat, Diana (I mean Bianca [see comment below]), Carlos and Alejandro (who was kicked off last night). This season is actually called La Academia USA because the students are either from the U.S. or have spent a significant amount of time in the U.S. Consequently, it is quite interesting to see them mangle the Spanish language or the English language (whatever the case may be). And if you watch the daily show it does have a Real World type of appeal. But at the very least watch the concerts every Sunday night to hear some great Latino music.

(official website for the show)


Vanessa said...

Hey, it wan't Diana that got booted off, it was Bianca.

Love the show, but I am horrified by the way these kids can't speak either Spanish OR English. What gives?

Daniel said...

Thank you for pointing that out, madam. I will change it accordingly.

Cesar said...

Watching "La Academia" feels like having a heroine overdose...FIrst, you experience loss of consciousness, after "coming back" you're short of breath, extremities start getting numb, then severe diarrhea accompanied with heavy headaches.
Unless you want to be in vegetative state (i.e. George W. Bush), you want to avoid "La Academia" and/or heroine.